Dear Friend/Supporter

First, we would like to thank you for your generous contributions and continuous support towards winning campaigns in all the biennial elections to Re-Elect Barbara Cooper, State Representative serving Legislative District 86.

Because of the 2020 campaign interest, aggressiveness and contentiousness generated in this Presidential Election, additional workers, supplies,materials and social media are required to appeal to District 86 voters and to highlight the importance and value of their votes in the Primary August 6th Election.

Friends of Barbara Cooper are asking for your contribution to defray extra cost to ensure another winning campaign to Re-Elect Representative Barbara Cooper. We will appreciate your donation and remain grateful for the difference it makes towards ensuring a win each election term.

Candidate Cooper looks forward to working with you when the next Tennessee General Assembly convenes in 2021.

Make checks payable to Friends of Barbara Cooper and mail to:
668 Birthstone Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee 38109.
(Cash over $50 prohibited and name, address, place of employment  required by state law).
Phone: 901 315 5287


Barbara Cooper